We are driven by creativity and fueled by the idea of freedom. We stem from two sides of the same story and believe in building a space where everyone feels valued, needed, and accepted.


SENS believes in crafting products and creating a culture that helps you, the user, find the perfect balance in your lives. And give them a solution for living a SENSible life by day and a SENSational one by night.


Creating a unique experience for our customers starts with creating a culture of inclusiveness and diversity within our organisation — nothing less than a mosaic of ideas, skills, and sensibilities.


Our daily tasks to future plans revolve around your comfort. We believe in nurturing an environment conducive to your holistic well-being through the medium of our offerings.


Freedom from discomfort, freedom from mediocrity, freedom from the clutter, and freedom from the noise. Our products help you live a free and thoughtful lifestyle.

Meet Our Team

Vidhi Jain (Director)

As one rightly says, a brand is a pervasive presence that exists even when we are not in the room. And Sens --- a story unfolding as it goes --- aims to be that presence by addressing every one of our customer's touchpoints. At Sens, we express our care for these customers through our offerings, giving them a reason to stay and never leave our side. With the passion for serving our consumers and providing them with the most wonderful experience possible, we make the SMARTER, BRIGHTER, and PROUDER 'US'. So, now is the perfect time for you to enter this sensational world and embark on the journey with us to Make SENS.

Arihant Jain (Director)

SENS as a brand is a perception, the one that strives to match reality with time. SENS has begun its journey to make its presence known as a brand that offers intelligent tech products diversified into various categories. The products, the services and the experience for our customers are bound to leave a mark in this technology generation. It is with you that we wish to achieve all this and much more. So, let us walk together and let's Make SENS.

Vrajesh Shelat - VP Sales
Alok Kumar - Making SENS with Marketing
P V Subburama Raja - Making SENS with Audio
Sanjay Kumar - Making SENS with Smartwatches
Janmajaya Swain – Making SENS with Operations
Anudesh – Making SENS with Customer care
Ashwani Parik - Making SENS with Design (Internal)

Experience at SENS